how do I become a seektag game leader?
Anyone can lead a Seektag game! All you need are some players with smartphones, numbered Seektag vests and a safe, interesting area to play in with some recognisable objects to use as checkpoints.
Watch our Seektag Leader Tutorial below to learn how to set up your first game using the Seektag Gameplay App!
what is the seektag gameplay app?
The Seektag Gameplay App opens in your phone's browser and keeps track of your score as you play. It's completely free and very easy to use.
As a Leader you can use the Seektag App to set up and run your own games, anywhere in the world.
Play-Ready Vest Packs
Our gameplay vests are printed using water based inks on soft, high quality, sweatshop-free polyester
Seektag Gameplay Shop
Multiple Uses
Our Vest Packs feature a very special set of numbers, with each digit only appearing in each position once. For example: In a pack of 10 vests, each number (0-9) only appears on the left side of one vest and on three vests in total. This means you can use your Seektag vests for many other games too!
Number of Players
Pack A always features the same set of 10 numbers. If you need vests for more than 10 players, please also order another Pack (i.e. Pack B)
Like to Make your Own?
Our downloadable number patterns are perfect if you want to make your own Seektag vests!
Printable number patterns, one number per A4 page
need some help?
If you have any questions or would like some advice we'd love to hear from you!