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Excellent for meeting new people or bonding as a company
I enjoyed playing Seetag! Ben explained the rules clearly and provided the materials needed to have a fun evening. I would recommend this game for active people :)
"A brand new type of interactive experience!"
Ben Roper - Seektag Founder
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Seektag Gameplay Events
Sorry, we don't have any events available at the moment. Please check back soon, or join our Meetup group.
Seektag is a great opportunity to meet new people and stay active! The game is easy to learn, too. I recommend everyone to try it!
Event Details

Seektag is an exciting, sneaky, outdoor game that makes you feel like a spy! Play alone or team up with a friend to spot other players without getting seen! Everyone is welcome and it's a fantastic way to make new friends.

If you like outdoor fitness, social times, group activities, games, adventures, sports, hide and seek or new ways to exercise, you will love Seektag!

Our Gameplay Events are 100% FREE and open to everyone (kids are allowed if accompanied by an adult). We are LGBTQ+ friendly and encourage everyone to be who you are.

What happens at our events?
First we’ll explain how the game works and do a quick tour of the arena. Your friendly game leader will hand out your numbered vests and begin the first game. Games last approx 15 minutes, with some social time in between to laugh about who saw who and who didn’t! The whole experience lasts about 90 minutes, which is enough for about 5 games in total.
Can I bring my friend?
Absolutely! If you want you can stick together and play as a ninja team! Add a +1 if you are bringing someone with you.
What to Bring
- Smartphone with mobile data and a full battery
- Comfy shoes
What not to bring
If possible try NOT to bring a backpack, wear your hair down/long or wear a hoodie, as this could obscure the number on your back.

* Please note that we may film or take photos at our events, either for promotion or for our YouTube channel. If you would not like to appear, please send an email to to let us know when you are planning to attend, and then make your event leader aware on the day.

Join our Meetup group to see all of our events! Make new friends, get fit, have fun!
Seektag is supported by this sneaky team of Patrons!
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Play is a fantastic way to build real friendships. Seektag offers a range of levels of social engagement, from teamwork through to just being together.
Seektag gets you out into the world taking part in exciting games that get the blood pumping! What ever your playing style, you'll feel like you've lived!
Seektag is all about inventing new ways to win the game and teaches navigation, situational assessment, task managment and creative problem solving.
Event questions?
If you have any questions about our events we'd love to help. Please contact us using the button below.