what is seektag?
Seektag is an exciting, sneaky, competitive game that encourages creative thinking and problem solving! A bit like Hide and Seek mixed with Tag, the goal is to spot the other players without getting spotted yourself.
All you need are some players with smartphones and some Seektag vests. Games usually last between 5 and 20 minutes. You can play in teams or as All vs All.
Seektag can be played almost anywhere and the playing arena has a big effect on the difficulty level of the game. Seektag can also be played by almost anyone as there are plenty of playing styles, some of which involve being physically fit, while some involve thinking your way around the problem.
what is the seektag gameplay app?
The Seektag Gameplay App opens in your phone's browser and keeps track of your score as you play. It's completely free and very easy to use.
Learn to be a Seektag Game Leader and run your own games!
what are the benefits?
Seektag is a fantastic way to make new friends, stay active and challenge your creative thinking!
Play is a fantastic way to create real friendships. Seektag offers a range of levels of social engagement, from teamwork through to just being together.
Seektag gets you out into the world taking part in exciting games that get the blood pumping! What ever your playing style, you'll feel like you've lived!
Seektag is all about inventing new ways to win the game and teaches navigation, situational assessment, task managment and creative problem solving.
If you think Seektag might benefit yourself or your group, drop us a line! We'd love to help get you up and running.